About Us

My name is Tate Toedte. I’m the inventor of the Springbolt Concrete Anchor. The Springbolt Concrete Anchor is a new type of concrete anchor that has greater load capacity than comparable wedge or epoxy anchors and is easy to use. There is no hole drilling or epoxy to set the Springbolt.


I came up with the Springbolt concept when I was building a house that had a brick fascia. The plans required the fastening of structural beams to part of the foundation. The only available solution was to use wedge or epoxy anchors which I felt had limitations. I wanted a fastener that would last for the life of the structure. After experimenting with 4 prototypes, I came up with the Springbolt.

I think you will be impressed with the versatility of the Springbolt. It has been extensively tested and in compliance with the International Building Code including ACI 318-14 Appendix D.

The initial cost of the Springbolt may be more than a traditional wedge or epoxy anchor; however, when labor and supervision are factored in for those anchor installations, the cost is very similar. Best of all, the springbolt concrete anchor is reliable.

Springbolt Concrete Anchor LLC is a Washington State limited liability company. Lynn “Tate” Toedte is the inventor and owner of the LLC and holds the patent for all Springbolt models. Tate can be contacted directly at 360-941-0269.