Fastened To Form
 Embedded End Result
Ceiling Mount
 Horizontal Placement in Foundation Wall
How It Works

The Springbolt Concrete Anchor (TM) is a mechanical spring loaded concrete anchor. It is embedded in wet concrete and can be used horizontally or vertically.

For example, if the anchor is used in a concrete wall as an attachment for angle iron, a masonry fascia, etc., the anchor attachment plate would attach to the inside of the concrete form with nails or screws. The other end of the anchor would rest against the inside of the outer form. (see illustration). Following the concrete curing and removal of the forms, a cap on the anchor is removed revealing the end of the threaded bolt. A screwdriver is inserted in a groove in the top of the threaded bolt to rotate the bolt ¼ turn which causes a released of the spring to reveal the threaded bolt.

When not in use, the bolt can be reinserted into the housing by depressing the rod and rotating ¼ turn.

The anchor can also be used in a concrete floor either as an individual unit or in a grid pattern to attach a machine or virtually anything to the concrete floor. Depending on the capacity called for, a 6” or 8” model can be utilized. For jobs requiring greater tension and shear capacities, a 10″ or 12″ anchor may be called for.

The 10″ and 12″ models utilize a 3/4″ Grade 5 galvanized bolt and have greater embedment depths. In addition, they have similar benefits of the smaller units, namely, corrosion and vibration resistant. Because the end of the bolt is retracted, the concrete finisher can easily screed over the anchor to finish the floor. Following curing, the bolt can be easily released after removing the protective blue cap.

Ceiling Mounted / Inverted Use

There is also a top-plate attachment that is utilized when the anchor is used in an inverted position such as a poured overhead ceiling. A springbolt overhead anchor has substantial load capacities greater than comparable wedge anchors. It can be suitably used to support utility pipes, dividing walls, signs or any apparatus requiring permanent placement. Because of the springbolt’s resistance to vibration, the rate of anchor failure is virtually eliminated.